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The series premiered on March 6, , and chronicles the lives of several people in New York City and nearby areas, including New Jersey , and Yonkers , involved with hip hop music. The series has a large ensemble cast. Over ten seasons, 33 people have appeared in the opening credits as leading cast members. The show features a sprawling supporting cast , with 54 people credited as “additional cast” or “featured” in the show’s end credits. These secondary cast members appear in green screen confessional segments and for the most part have the same amount of screen time and storyline focus as the show’s main cast members. Over the years, several supporting cast members have been upgraded to lead.

Love And Hip Hop New York Diamond Strawberry Regrets Cisco Apology & Rich Dollaz Hook Up?

My eyes! Thanks a heap, Mona! Rich Dollaz is attending a photo shoot to check out up and coming artist Jhonni. What in the world is she wearing? Is Miley Cyrus her stylist? Rich reveals that he has history with Jhonni, and when he stopped hooking up with her, she tweeted out his phone number.

We went from red devils to taking acid (purple haze, strawberry and sunshine War (All Day Music and Cisco Kid), and Donny Hathaway (Giving Up is Hard to.

I found a new to my area bum wine recently Johnny Bootlegger It tasted like a melted strawberry jello shot from a day bender frat party Not bad Enstarz. Is diamond strawberry still dating cisco VH com I found a new to my area bum wine recently Johnny Bootlegger It tasted like a melted strawberry jello shot from a day bender frat party Not bad.

Of love hip hop s tackiest love triangles videos. Cisco and diamond broke up and so he moved on to his next fauxlationship with mariah lynn. Radiodays europe vh com dating is hard and that s coming from a guy who once hooked up a refurbished soviet era nk rocket engine to his dad s crummy oldsmobile with nothing. Love and hip hop new york recap mariah walks out on cisco rich and rich at the bar where she was having drinks with her old friend.

Love and hip hop curls black pearls okay this is the second time that yandy smith s random cousin maurice has been featured on the show is he going to have a story line at some point or will. Diamond one on one with diamond strawberry debian.

Diamond Strawberry is Lying About Being a Model & About Her Relationship with Cisco Rosado

Oh, and, of course, the females too. Rich and Cisco go at it and as much as they want to say it is not over Mariah Lynn, it is about her just as much as it is about what happen last year with Diamond Strawberry. Now, the creep squad hangs hard in the New York crew. He calls a meeting of the two and they talk out their problems. Yandy helps Remy get things together for her wedding, which is less than a month away.

Diamond strawberry dating cisco. According to our records, Cisco Rosado is possibly single. Cisco Rosado has strawberry an encounter with Nikki Mudarris -.

If memory serves correctly, Erica Mena introduced Rich Dollaz to viewers as her boyfriend-producer or was it her manager? Mena was so in love and then we witnessed the most emotional break up ever. But the good thing about Mena is she always has a plan B. Mena gets a new girlfriend. Dollaz described Slaughter as one of the most talented people he knows and claims she has one of the most dominant Grammy Award-winning voices; she has been recording some monster hits that will receive recognition on a national level really soon.

Dollaz has been spending a lot of time in L. He did confirm they have a business relationship. But what Dollaz did not confirm or deny is if he was, in fact, in a romantic relationship with Slaughter. I know you are reading this. Meanwhile, current episodes reveal Dollaz moving on with his love life business. Dollaz meets up with Cisco to discuss his artists collaborating with Cisco.

Even though she never revealed that she also had a daughter who was living with her mom in Los Angeles, as she had moved to New York to chase her Prince Charming who turned out to be frog named Cisco.

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Eleven8 November 18, Uncategorized Leave a comment. We also dished that Yandy was pregnant several months ago but no one believed that until she confirmed it a few weeks back. Gotta love when the tea is official. Read below for a little background on each character. His girlfriend Chrissy Crastanda would like to solidify their relationship, but C.

From the looks of it there is a new couple in town. Two #LHH former cast members are a couple, Somaya Reece and Cisco Risado. Quite a.

Finding the right one isn’t as easy as it sounds. But before finding the one, the bumps on the road can always come handy in giving a lesson about love. However, Cisco went through awkward moment back in after he revealed about his fatherhood of second child to Diamond. He made his second child with her ex-girlfriend Tasha.

With the issue, Tasha proclaimed that. Why not just go your separate way completely? Sever the ties, done. And let me find my happily ever after. Let me find that person that you found. Cisco has a daughter named Tianna and a son named Cisco Rosado Jr.

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Diamond Strawberry has quickly become a household name in the world of Reality television and social media. I got the opportunity to sit down with her and dig deep into what kind of person she is and what she truly represents. Even with her famous last name diamond is looking to create her own lane and prove that she is here to stay. Growing up did you ever feel pressure to live up to the family name? I feel pressure every day of my life! My name carries a lot of weight.

Cisco Rosado is currently dating Teairra Mari. As per reports, Cisco Rosado is definitely not married and is still looking for the right one to After moving on from Tasha and Diamond Strawberry, Cisco dated several women.

Cisco Rosado is a music executive and record producer. He is the father of two children, Tianna and Cisco Rosado Jr. He is a member of the show’s self-professed “creep squad”, with Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz. He appears in a brief cameo in season four in the background of a party thrown by Rich. Cisco joins the supporting cast in season five, which chronicles the demise of his relationship with Diamond Strawberry , as well as his struggles to co-parent with estranged baby mama Tasha.

He also develops an interest in Cyn , producing a single for her and helping her start a music career, although she gently rejects any romantic advances. In season six, Cisco begins dating Moe Money , however he ends up cheating on her with Mariahlynn , causing a rift between the girls. Later in the season, he admits to using Mariahlynn to get back at Rich for having sex with Diamond Strawberry the year before. The two make amends in season seven, after learning of his mother’s brain aneurysm diagnosis.

However, the stress of her health situation causes him to lash out violently at his friends, first at DJ Self , over a contract war with Mariahlynn, and later at Peter, over a business deal gone wrong. After falling out with Rich, Cisco was let go from the show. Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki.

Cisco Rosado

However, despite feeling two-timed by both the two guys, MariahLynn seemed to walk out of a bad situation at the right now. The moment she walked out, Rich and Cisco got into their own issues regarding Diamond Strawberry last season , which Rich admitted was a girl he never cared about. This sparked a fire in Cisco and caused him to lunge at his fellow creep. The two start fighting, and it looks like the Creep Squad is falling apart.

Girl named miss moe money, episode of love and still no music to having some serious. In Cisco’s relationship with diamond strawberry dating again.

Who does not know Cisco Rosado? He is also a famous producer, having previously worked with French Montana and Tank. There is so much that you need to know about Cisco Rosado. Continue to read on to find out more about Cisco Rosado net worth, career, relationship, kids, and personal life. Jennifer was a cast member of the TV series, Basketball Wives. Cisco Rosado with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Williams. However, their relationship was somewhat complicated, and soon after the duo broke up publicly in front of millions of American watching the program.

Since then, Jennifer has been in a relationship with Cisco. Cisco Rosado is currently dating with Teairra,. Reality TV stars are not your typical employee. They cash rake in a lot of money from such shows. It airs at 8 pm.

Cisco Rosado Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Net worth and Credit

And let me , don’t tell you thought of finding someone new. Instead, Cisco grows angry with Tasha’s idea of another child with his baby mama , Tasha, during their 6-month-old son. Check the clip above and tell us what you found,” Tasha tells Cisco. Don’t sleep with Diamond, it’s totally not. I don’t want you no more. Me moving in Long Island.

Cast member of Love & Hip Hop reality show, Cisco Rosado has dated He was in an on and off dating relationship with Diamond Strawberry, someone new, which probably hints that he still loves his baby mama Tasha.

Rich wants to bury the beef and get the Creep Squad back on good terms, but Cisco is still intent on getting payback for when Rich dated Diamond Strawberry. Rich contends that he was trying to look out for Cisco and when he got word from Rah Ali that Cisco was seeing Mariah Lynn, he knew it was payback for Diamond Strawberry. But he also makes it aware that this scenario doesn’t constitute as payback, being that he doesn’t care for Mariah how Cisco appears to.

In a fit of frustration, Cisco pushes Rich and security intervenes. This leaves Rich in shock as he says he would never fight Cisco and looks at him as a brother. According to Rich, he was just trying to get him to see Mariah’s true colors. Cisco agrees to meet up with Mariah, who says she felt set up. She’s upset with Cisco for saying he just dealt with her to get back at Rich and that they’re done. Cisco maintains that Mariah was the one that was devious and is making no apologies and pegs her actions as being disloyal.

Remy’s wedding date is approaching and she’s finalizing the specifics and calls in Yandy for assistance. Remy and Yandy are far from a match made in heaven, but Remy feels she is qualified due to her recent wedding and wants to be open to her opinion. Yandy wants to get sparkles, which Remy isn’t into. The rapper isn’t really in the mood for shopping and talks to Yandy about making up with Papoose’s mother and opens up about her issues with her own mom.

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The love roller coaster between Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly may finally be coming to a halt. And Cardi B. After learning last week that Tara was in fact pregnant, it was only a matter of time before all hell broke loose with Amina. She is set to give birth in a few weeks and Amina completely loses it.

Cisco Rosado. Cisco is another producer on the show. his credits include Tank and Jim Jones and he’s dating Diamond Strawberry. Photo Credit: Getty. Diamond Strawberry. She’s the daughter of Daryl Strawberry and the girlfriend of Cisco Makes no sense for someone still so influential to be hidden.

In these confessions, Cisco is digging a pretty deep hole with the audience. Many viewers have gone on Twitter to express their opinion of Cisco. After his recent scene with Rich Dollaz, only minutes ago, Twitter could not contain themselves. He explained that his cheating on Diamond comes from his baby mama packing up and leaving him for Atlanta while he was in the studio, thus making him come home to an empty house. But, he went on to explain that he spends time with the baby mama in Atlanta, still, while he is with Diamond.

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Cisco Talks Diamond Strawberry, Cyn Santana, Mariahlynn, & More

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