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This invention comprises a safety razor or” the onepiece type having new and improved structure for adjustably determiniru edge exposure of the blade. The term one-piece is used herein, as commonly, to designate a safety razor in which all the components remain interconnected at all times so that the user may remove or replace the blade without the necessity of handling separate razor parts. In razors of this type, the blade is clamped in a position of transverse curvature with its edge exposed between cooperating blade clamping members such as a blade supporting plate and cap sections. The greater curvature imparted to the blade in the clamping operation the less is its edge exposure. Edge exposure is a critical factor in determining the satisfaction of the user and the present invention provides an improved and novel mechanism whereby each individual user may adjust and set his razor for desired edge exposure or may adjust the edge exposure of the blade during the shaving operation, varying it if desired between the first and second time over the face. The safety razor structure herein disclosed and claimed has the advantage of convenience in operation, pleasing appearance and economy of manufacture in that it requires relatively few parts and only parts that say be manufactured at low cost by automatic machinery. These and other advanta es of the invention will be best understood and appreciated from the following description of an embodiment thereof selected for purposes of illustration and shown in the accompanying drawings in which- FIG.

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Information on this page is useful to the Vintage Gillette Safety Razor MR. Razor · Gillette Adjustable Razors · Gillette Razor and Blade Dating and Features​.

Muros, Newtonville, Mass. The invention comprises new and improved mechanism providing convenient and :accurate means for adjusting the edge exposure of the blade in such a razor. This mechanism is characterized by separate guard members mounted in opposite sides of the razor head to rock in assuming difierent positions of blade exposure.

Such guard members have the advantage that they may be struck out of sheet metal in identical shape and located in right and left hand positions in the razor head. The razor of the present invention is further characterized in that one of the cooperating blade-clamping members is given the :additional function of supporting both guard members for rocking into different positions of predetermined blade exposure.

Going into more detail, the razor head includes a stationary blade-clamping plate having a pivot element at each edge upon which a guard member is disposed and supported for rocking or angular movement. Adjusting movement of the guard members upon the blade clamping plate is eifected through an arm of each guard member arranged to bear upon an adjustable collar that is movable to cause angular movement of the guard members and so determines the position selected by the user for the desired exposure.

These and other features of the invention will be best understood and appreciated from the following description of a preferred embodiment thereof selected for purposes of illustration and shown in the accompanying drawings in which- FIG. As herein shown the handle 9 of the razor includes an outer tube 10 and an inner tube 11 concentrically disposed therein and shouldered at its upper end as shown in FIG.

Permanently secured to the upper end of the inner tube 11 is an elongated spring plate 12 substantially rectangular in contour and provided with a central aperture 13 to receive the shouldered end of the tube The spring plate is provided at its opposite edges with upstanding flanges 14 and 15 that engage the guard members as will presently be explained. The plate.

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Gillette Adjustable Razor · Gillette Vintage Gillette Fat Boy Adjustable Razor E2 Gillette Slim Adjustable Safety Razor-Date Code:G4.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Vintage safety razors have become collectibles that are still useful as tools for grooming or simply as display models. They are available in different colours, materials, and styles, such as the single-edge open comb or the double-edged version. Shaving razors are available in a wide array of configurations that include stainless steel blades and aluminum or wooden handles.

Some razors may feature detailed designs or patterns etched into their handles. The most common forms of collectible safety razors include items such as:. Most vintage safety razors will use some form of stainless steel disposable razor blades for the shaving process. And while the handle of your item may be stainless steel as well, there are several other materials that are commonly used for safety razor grips. The most common of these materials include things such as:.

US3116552A – Safety razor with adjustable edge exposure – Google Patents

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In Gillette started marking their blades with date codes. In , they started marking razors with the date codes. Adjustable TTO: short thick handle.

Well I still shave with my H code. Who knew I was shaving my old face with an antique, then again, the face ain’t so new either. Got that razor from a friend in when I started shaving. Collected razors at one time, still have them all. Rolls, Valet, Gillette, Ator and some I don’t remember. Thanks for commenting.

I am going to have to update this page I think. I am still collecting. I try to give all my razors some face time throughout the year.

How to Buy Vintage Gillette Adjustable Safety Razors

The Gillette Company was founded by King C. Gillette in as a safety razor manufacturer. Under the leadership of Colman M. Mockler Jr. Gillette’s brands and products were divided between the two accordingly. The Gillette company and brand originate from the late 19th century when salesman and inventor King Camp Gillette came up with the idea of a safety razor that used disposable blades.

is the time from of January to March.

In greater particularity the present invention concerns the provision of improved and relatively inexpensive means for adjusting the shaving. The various objects and featurescf the inventionwill. In the drawings: Fig. A-preferred embodiment of our novel razor, as it would be used in shaving, is best illustrated in Figs. A handle 12, of composite construction, is connected to the head portion 10 which may include a guard 14, a platform 16 and a pair of swingable cap sections 18 for clamping the blade B against the platform 16 With its cutting edges in shaving relation with respect to the guard The exterior portions of’the handle 12 may include a guard extension 20 fast upon the guard 14 to whicha tube 22 may be press-fitted to form a composite outer tube.

Immediately beneath the tube 22 hereinafter referred to as outer tube 22 will be found an adjusting knob 24 which may be employed to vary the shaving relation beone end of which is spun onto the platform 16 and which extends interiorly of the tube 22 and concentrically there- 2,, Patented ‘Aug.

US3116553A – Safety razor with adjustable blade exposure – Google Patents

For a bladed tool gillette razor all merkur safety razor blades you gillette download from a shaving, straight razor head. A ballpark value? Razor early razors that you look like shaving with a vintage gillette http:.

But running into your se razors like to the years gillette date coding systems are Maybe in gillette slim handle adjustable razor is found in the big john de.

What makes the Toggle so cool? First, the way the razor opens and closes to change blades. This not only made blade changes quicker, it also made and cleaning the razor easier. A simple flick of the toggle lever and the razor could be rinsed and another flick would open it up. The second contributor was the adjustment dial. Those who wanted a milder shave could use a lower setting and those who wanted a more aggressive approach could choose a higher setting.

This was a brand new concept for Gillette and became the staple for Gillette DE double edge safety razors well into the s. The Toggle may be one of the most recognizable vintage razors, but they still remain a mystery. It seems that every few years or so a different previously unknown version of the Toggle emerges into the hands of a lucky collector, which baffles the minds of experts and collectors alike.

Gillette tried their new adjustment feature in several models before it was perfected and distributed to the masses. The first model had 5 adjustment indicators. They were gold plated and originally thought to be identified only by serial numbers rather than the standard Gillette date code. Several years ago a gentleman found the actual date code underneath the blade bed while disassembling one for service. Most Gillette safety razors carry date codes that identify the year of production by letter and the fiscal quarter of production by number.

How to: Is My Vintage DE Gillette Safety Razor Broken?

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